Tacubaya Hunting

Pricing and Packages


Add-On Hunt

Starting at:

  • $200.00

A Great Starters Hunt.

While you Hunt your Family Member or Companion can enjoy this Great Adventure!

No Javelina Day Hunts Available.


Management Buck

  • $1,500.00-$2,500.00

Trophy Buck​

  • 8   Pointer: $2,500.00

  • 10 Pointer: $3,000.00

  • 12 Pointer: $4,000.00

  • 14-17 Pointer: $4,000.00-$9,500.00

  • 18 Pointer: $9,800.00

  • 20 Pointer: $12,000.00

  • 22 Pointer: $15,000.00

Note: "Pointer" refers to antler points (1" +).

Extra point: $1,100.00


18 Pointer ($9,000) 

19 Pointer ($10,100)

Based on Day Hunts.

Guide, Tips, Meals, Service Fees, & Lodging Not Included


Starting at:

  • $3,500.00

Based on Day Hunts.

Guide, Tips, Meals, Service Fees, & Lodging Not Included


Starting at:

  • $1,500.00

Enjoy Turkey Hunts with

Two Texas Turkey Seasons

​(Two hunters required)

Based on Day Hunts.

Guide, Tips, Meals, Service Fees, & Lodging Not Included


& Javelina Hunt Combo

Starting at:

  • $800.00

Looking for meat?

The Doe & Javelina Combo is a Great Adventure that will get your heart pumping!

This Hunt is a great way to bring Home some meat! We can accommodate up to 4 Hunters for this 1 Day Hunt!

Family Hunting Adventures

Starting at: $3,500.00/weekend


  • Lodging for 2 Adults & 2 Children

  • 1 Management Buck  (8 Pointer)

  • 1 Javalina

Weekend Hunts

Starting at:

  • $3,800.00

Base fee per Hunter.

Up to 4 Hunters


  • Mature Buck

    • 8-10 pointer​

  • Lodging

    • Two Nights​

  • Breakfast 

  • Lunch

  • Snacks

  • Guide

  • Set-up Fee

  • Field Dressing

Extended Stay


Add-on Hunts

Additional Hunts

Additional Days

Companion Pricing

All Inclusive Packages

Call for pricing.


Overnight Stay:

  • $175.00 per Person

    • if available​

Does not include Groceries​ or Meals.

Camera Shooter Weekend

Starting at: $2,500.00/weekend


  • Lodging

    • Up to 4 Adults

    • Two Nights

  • Access to beautiful South Texas Fauna and Flora at Tacubaya Ranch!

Spend the weekend photographing gorgeous nature.​

Conservation Hunts

Adopt a Deer!

Come and pick your deer, we will track, sedate, and tag your deer. Your deer will be guaranteed for life to not be shot!


  • Video of Process

  • Naming of Deer

  • Seasonal Pictures

Call for pricing.

Services & Fees

All hunts must be accompanied by a Tacubaya Guide.

Guide Fees:

  • $300.00 per Day/Hunt


  • Skinning/Field Dressing

    • $70.00-​$150.00

    • No Mounting Skinning Included


  • Set-up Fee

    • $150.00​

  • Non-Hunter Fee​

    • $150.00​/Day

  • Day Hunt/Weekend Hunt Fees​​​


*Not all Services or Fees are listed.​


*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

*Reservamos el derecho a rechazar el servicio a cualquier persona.

*Approval not subject to calendar availability. Booked dates do not constitute hunt approval.

*See Rules before booking.

Remember: We Charge a Fee to be able to Continue to Care, Support, & Maintain The Wildlife in Our Properties!

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