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Now under new Management!

About Tacubaya Ranch


Lovely Hunting Ranch Located In Encino, Texas.

Experience the Great Wildlife of South Texas With One of Our Day or Weekend Hunts!

Tacubaya Ranch was originally a land grant from the King of Spain in 1740 to the family, Tacubaya has been a successful cattle ranch for most of its existence. Today, Tacubaya continues to serve as a grazing land for cattle and provides oil and minerals to various companies; however, the main focus is wildlife conservation.

Tacubaya Ranch has developed new innovative ways to conserve the flora and fauna of the region. 

Most of the funds charged in our different packages, will go straight to feed, protein, vitamins, water, minerals, corn, and other expenses that will help conserve our different species. 

Group Leads
Group Pic
Dad-Kid Turkey


There is overnight lodging available; three bedroom, two baths with accommodations for up to 6 adults with A/C, Wi-Fi, a living room complete with TV and DVD player, a full kitchen and for the Bar-B-Qing enthusiast, an outdoor grilling area. For a special treat, there is a Turkey Roost located behind the lodging area where dozens of turkeys can be observed “Flying to Bed” nightly from the comforts of the backyard! And if that isn’t enough, the dark country sky offers a beautiful star gazing experience every clear night.

In addition to our lodging area we have an efficiency apartment by the main ranch house.

The apartment can accommodate up to 4 people. It is complete with A/C, a bathroom with shower and its own kitchenette stocked with utensils and condiments, as well as outdoor grilling for your cooking pleasure. The apartment’s best amenity is the use of the patio at the main house where you can relax and watch the birds bathing in the pond. As the night falls, you can walk out to the uncovered patio, lie on a lounger and get lost in the stars above.

Your Hunt will help provide for Year-Round:







We Love Our Wildlife!

Bucks & Does






Silver Foxes

Road Runners




Wild Turkey


We love all our birds,

reptile, and animal species!

We Have Feeders At Every Blind!

Shooting Range!

Hunting Whitetail Deer is an Experience of a Lifetime!

Tacubaya Ranch is a Hunting Paradise!

We Don't Measure our Bucks by any Standards or Guidelines, Instead We Measure our Bucks the Good Old Fashioned Way: By the Number of Points In Their Antlers! No Price per Inch, No Price per Points Scored.


This Is What We Want for You to Experience, Say & Talk About When You Visit Tacubaya Ranch: 

"That 12 Pointer Had a Massive Rack!"

"You Should Have Seen When That 18 Pointer Walked Out!"

"Imagine That 22 Pointer Showing His Rack in The Sendero!"

"Talk About a Management Buck; That Was a Huge 8 Pointer!" 


If You Want To Go Back Home and Talk About What A Great Buck You Harvested And How Beautiful The Other Bucks That You Saw Were; Then Tacubaya Ranch Is The Right Place For You!

"We Love Our Bucks And No Points Score Or Per Inch Price Is Going To Identify Our Hunts!"


We Charge A Fee To Be Able To Continue To Care, Support, & Maintain The Wildlife In Our Properties!

If you are a conservationist Hunter or Photographer come and visit us!

We would love to meet you!

Looking for more information?

Check out our Hunts or give us a call!

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